Garments Business । Clothing business ideas

Garments business idea in hindi

Friends, every human has 3 basic needs: bread cloth and house. This is the one that may be most important. That is the cloth of a human being.

Today, the cloth is not only worn to cover the body, but it has become a means of showing a fashion status. Everyday everyone needs new clothes. Of course he is a student going to college, or a jobber or any businessman or any festival wedding and there are many places where a person wants to wear new clothes every time. So the business which is the biggest growther today is the clothing business, so in this blog of today we will tell you that Detergent business idea in Hindi

Using a similar business model, some college students built their T-shirt business and today their turnover is up to crores without any factory!

How you can start Garments  Business without investing much! How to start Garments business in low investment?

How can you make your own Garments brand in less money in the Garments business! How to make own clothing brand in small investment?

How can you start your own Garments business without setting up a factory! How to start own Garments  business without any manufacturing unit?

How can you advance the Garments  business and make your brand famous! How to do marketing in Garments  business and famous your own brand?

Garments  Business Part 1

So whenever the idea of ​​Garments  business comes to our mind! So the question must surely come in our mind that in order to make our own garments brand, we have to set up our own factory!

But let me tell you that there is no need for it. If you do not even know, you can make your own clothing brand. If we talk about garments  business, then if you do not know about clothes, then if you set up your own factory then you may be at a disadvantage. Because garments come in a lot of quality. And you will not be able to identify the quality of the clothes. It may happen that you buy cheaper cloth at a higher rate. Therefore, you should avoid making this type of investment in the beginning!

The right way to do garments business

In such a situation, I would suggest to you that people who are already doing textile business. You get in touch with them. If people have their own factories then it means that they have a good knowledge of clothes. So he must have bought that cloth also at the right price.

Garments business tips

So in this case, you just get your brand registered! That is, you have to do a Trademark Registration. Whichever name you want to use in the clothing business. After that you have to prepare clothes in whatever quantity you want (it can be Mens wear, Kids wear, woman or any type of cloth), then you order these people. So these people will make cloth from your brand and give it to you! Because it doesn’t take much!

Garments business in india

Because suppose you ordered Shirts, they are already making Shirt! Branding your name over there means that the sticker which is placed under the collar will put your sticker there! So it becomes your brand! Because of the branding of clothes, people likewise check which brand it is!

Garments business tips in india

Apart from this, if it is talked about getting your name printed on accessories, then you can also get them done. For example, on the shirt you can print the name of the place on the button, paint, etc. It does not cost much money and it gets in very less money. If you do not know from where to do this, then you can speak only to the people to whom you order. They get themselves prepared.

Garments Business Plan

If we talk about a large unit of clothing factory, then there is a lot of cloth work in Surat and Delhi etc. Apart from this, some work is also done in Ludhiana etc. Those who want to work for T-shirt Vagaira are more in Tripura and Ludhiana. When it comes to preparing the order, let’s prepare 200-300 pieces in your name. That is, if talking about the shirt, then consider the price of a shirt and between 200 and ₹ 300, a good quality shirt comes! So if you order 200 to 300 shirts to them, then your budget is from 50000 to 70000!

Rest of ₹ 10000, assuming that you have to print stickers and buttons of your name, etc. Apart from this, if you spend a little more like you do in a packing box, you can get your name printed on the box too! You can also make your name tags which you can attach to loading, it does not even post much because it is printed on the cardboard.

Garments Business Marketing

If we talk about marketing in this business then nowadays is the era of digital! And the best thing is that you can easily deliver your goods to any corner of the country through digital technology.

You have to create a website for yourself. On that website you have to list your product .. And whatever your company is, whatever brand you have, you have to give all the information related to that thing there. So that whoever visits your website, then by looking at it on your website, it will be seen that this brand that is yours is quite big! Then the customer gets confidence! This makes him join you!

Apart from this, there are large ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, you can list your brand on all these platforms! Because nowadays people like to buy more from these ecommerce platforms and the customer is also going digital!