Best Conversation Intelligence Software for Sales Teams

Conversation intelligence software help the business owner to record transcribe and analyse the complete sales process and it also helps to analyse the sales calls for future decision making. With the help of analysing the sales calls and conversation Intelligence Software can easily identify the keyboard and the main topic for converging the users to the company.

It also helps to quickly jump to the points in the recorded call in the recorded call section for feature analysis and evaluation of insights into the call with the customer and the convergent intelligence software is also useful for the businesses who want to take the note of the conversion with the sales team and customer support and its relationship with the customer or the potential buyer.

Because this software helps in identifying the risks of non complicated topics of convergence and in this case the coach of the sales representative is able to handle the solution and provide the solution in a based way because for analysing and transmitting the sales call is very important and it is also very important for converting the sales customer for the benefit of the customer and for the benefit of the business.

What is Conversation Intelligence Software ?

Conversion intelligent software with the help of sales coaching software is very helpful for converting the intelligent buyers for the company and the software intelligence capability with artificial intelligence focuses on analysing the transcript and the text of a call and more on the link with guidance and techniques of the sales representative and additionally the sales coaching software also provides the separate features for sales representative for a jhalli viewing and organising the sales deals in the pipelining so that the customers feel happy while contacting with the customer support and it also helps in qualifying the conversion intelligence for the help of transcript of the call and the data which is acquired during the call recording between the customer support and the customers and it also helps in analysing the transcription and identifying the keywords which is used by the representatives which provide the status of the convergent including the customer interaction with total call duration.

Benefits of Conversation Intelligence Software

  • It helps in Breaking down the phone convergence for optimal analysing and starting of the calls and it also helped the analysis of the customer support.
  • The transcribes conversation help to identify the significant exchange and it also helps to analyse the the keyboards in the conversion which is used between the support team and the customer.
  • The score call and the customers and the customer representative make the link between the customers and the company and that’s why getting the specific result and if the business is on the wants to maximize the profit then correcting the customer support representative is very recently and the customer Intelligence Software help it very well
  • The conversion intelligent also generates the diversifying sites for redefining the convergence strategy and improving the customer sentiment about products and services and in this way it helps the business to identify the product.
  • analyses every call proactively – The software help the sales team success team support team for efficiently managing the conversion and it also helps to conversion Intelligence and analysing every calls for increasing the productivity it brings insides to help the operation manager to understand the performance of the sales teams

Features of Conversation Intelligence Software

  • Call scoring — One common feature is the ability to grade or score calls, based on the results.
  • Actionable insights — Beyond transcribing, scoring, and sorting calls, the granular conversation analytics of these platforms can offer insight into inbound sales performance, outbound sales performance, and overall team success.
  • Workforce Management
  • Performance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Engagement
  • Administration
  • Call Recording
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Evaluation
  • Content Sharing
  • Integrations

Top Conversation Intelligence Software


Generate More Revenue, Faster. No more missed quotas, fuzzy forecasts or time wasted on dead-end opportunities. Close more deals when your entire revenue team is working in one comprehensive platform with the most important tools and integrations for digital selling.

  • The Top-Rated Sales Engagement Platform. From prospecting new business to renewing and expanding customers.
  • Orchestrate every call, email, meeting, and interaction through one platform with all activities automatically synced to your CRM.
  • Detailed opportunity insights with pipeline health information, accurate forecasting.
  • Sales call tracking, transcription, analysis and coaching built into the platform and connected to all of your workflows.
  • Analyze and Optimize Every Touch Point And Drive More Engagement.

Sales Leader – Reliable forecasting, developing and retaining talent, and staying agile.

Sales Manager – Understand the behaviors of your top-performing reps and replicate them across your entire team. Get more time in the day to coach, ramp new sellers, and help your team hit their number.

Sales Ops – Automate data syncing with your CRM, create sales playbooks for your reps.

Account Executives – Automates the manual tasks that hold you back and gives you the next best action to propel deals forward.

Marketing Leaders – Maintain consistent messaging across all revenue-generating teams.

Customer Success – Adoption, expansion, and retention.

Chorus by ZoomInfo

One of the fastest growing conversation intelligence product management software which helps to analyse the customers cal meetings and emails and it also helps to discover why you win or lose the deals And in addition to this it also helps in forecast with the confidence so that the business owner will able to take the better decision 4 next sales.

  • It helps to instantly access the transcription and insights for helping the performance and driving sales teams capturing and analysing the customer call meeting send email for better visibility.
  • It also help to drive more winning team performance by upskilling the team members and reducing the new hire time.
  • It also automatically captures and sync contacts and communication with the CRM software so that all the management is automatic and the sales representative will ever to take the appropriate decision.

HubSpot Sales Hub

The most powerful self software which helps the sales teams to close more deals and it also helps in keeping relationship and managing their Pi planning more effectively and all in one connected platform.

It includes the full functionality and the full features of sales CRM sales engagement tool cute and cpq functionality reporting and analysing tools which gives the ability to streamlining the integration with other tools for better sales management.

  • For starting the conversation you need email templates email tracking document management and tracking conversion Intelligence and call tracking and sales automation.
  • For enhancing the relationship with the customer you need meat scheduling or meet up scheduler payment process and easy payment gateway with interrelated with the commerce powered CRM platforms and live chat facility.
  • For managing the pipelining of self you need self management Playbook quotes management and sales analytics and reporting software mobile CRM application Pi planning management and account based marketing automation software.


All-in-one reporting, analysis & forecasting. Fathom combines insightful reporting, fast cash flow forecasting and actionable financial insights into one refreshingly easy business management solution.

  • Financial analysis – Get in-depth analysis of your numbers and a clearer picture of your business performance.
  • Management reporting – Create custom management reports and share business results in a clear, compelling way.
  • Cash flow forecasting – Achieve clarity and confidence about your future financial results and what needs to happen to achieve your plans.


Where Sales Enablement & RevOps Work Hand in Hand Maximize the potential of your teams and predictably hit revenue goals. Sales Enablement, Onboarding, and Training Software. We deliver revenue productivity solutions. Sales enablement & operations software for everyone.

  • Develop knowledge and skills
    Sales Enablement, Onboarding, & Training
    Sales Content Management
    Enablement Analytics
    Readiness Index
  • Replicate winning behaviors
    Revenue Intelligence & Sales Forecasting
    Conversation Intelligence
    Digital Sales Rooms
    Sales Coaching


For success of the company the voice of the the sales representative is very important for the customer and the sales representative is the representative of the company and that’s why the conversion intelligence software is definitely required for the company to properly manage the sales teams and the behaviour of the sales teams with the customer what were the sales of customers for handling the support the lot of Intelligence is required for customer conversion and a lot of speech analytics software is also required for capturing the leading customer and in this conversion intelligent software help to monitor the call and adding the better customer with the help of a better customer experience and is ultimately improve the revenue of the company.