How Sustainable Development is Future and Why it is Important for Future Development

In Sustainable Development we will try to understand how it is related to the environment and in Sustainable Development we will try to understand that how we develop it to be sustainable we will use history to understand Sustainable Development Will bring and understand how we can suspend our development for future generation. सस्टेनेबल डेवलपमेंट … Read more

Human Capital: Introduction, Sources, Economic Growth, Human development and Indian Scenario

Understanding human capital is very important for any country and society, human capital is the only thing on this earth which is equally important to understand and use human capital so that any country can move forward, today promises are many. Next are those who have understood and worked on Human Capital, we will understand … Read more

Essay on Rural Development for UPSC Mains

Rural India is a settlement in India’s maximum text and India’s economy also depends on rural India, that’s why we need to take rural India forward. Will have to work hard, education of the people who are in our rural India has to be made, their health will have to be improved, their knowledge will … Read more