Best CPQ Software – Configure, Price and Quote Application

The configure price quote software for in simple terms the cpq software mainly help the company to automate the life cycle of the coating and proposal processes it starts with the moment when a customer supplies their needs to accompany and offering and ending with the sending a detailed quotes to the customer or prospect.

The cpq software works with the CRM software and ERP software system and it also works with various other enterprise software for integrating the data for collecting the data and for managing the product catalogue including the price and building of hundreds of numbers of product and allowing them to evaluate the probability of each operating based on the financial rules and customer pricing quotes and external factors.

The factors inside of the competition market changes and laws and regulations integrated with the different types of solution provision.

CPQ Companies

In this situation the city cue software is very useful in sales department for accelerating the sales process and it also improve the Yacht accuracy and the customer relations and this ultimately allows the company to determine the customers need and provide them the custom goods that best suit and fit for the specific needs of the customer it help in product and in typically does cpq software works with the integration with CRM software and the CRM product or in designing with the integration of Mod told which give the more flexibility for the business owner to majorly configure price and quotes.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud CPQ

An end-to-end revenue management solution. So you can streamline your entire revenue lifecycle. All with the power of the Customer 360 Platform. Deliver exceptional customer experiences. Unify your revenue processes and data. Drive efficiency with automation across the entire product-to-cash journey. Give customers flexibility across buying channels, monetization models, and ongoing changes

  • CPQ – Give sales teams and channel partners the tools to sell fast. Configure, price, and quote complex solutions with ease.
  • Billing – Speed up cash collection with an automated recurring billing engine. Support any charge type, sales order, or payment schedule with ease.
  • Subscription Management – Drive efficient growth. It’s easy when you let customers buy on their own across any channel with any monetization model.

Oracle CPQ

Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Oracle CPQ is a cloud-based application that helps sellers configure the right mix of products or services and create accurate, professional quotes to quickly meet their customers’ pricing needs.

Automated configurations – Ensure that your focus remains on the customer with accurate and functional product configurations.

  • Guided selling – Make sure every offer is accurate and validated.
  • Intuitive configuration – Quickly navigate the configuration process, using a common product model for one-click quoting or as a basis for customization.
  • Subscription ordering – Easily configure and manage subscription.
  • Real-time pricing – Be fully prepared for every customer interaction with automated, real-time pricing decisions.
  • Flexible pricing support – Provide your sales teams with consistent, real-time pricing and discounting data based on current promotions and regulations.
  • Intelligent deal management – Align sales activities to corporate objectives and focus on the right deals with in-depth deal analysis and metrics.
  • Dynamic workflows – Automate the validation and approval process.
  • Convenient quoting – Create professional quotes and proposals.
  • Document designer – Automate the documentation creation process.
  • Contract management – Generate dynamic contracts, including approvals and signatures routing. Compare and merge contracts.
  • Document and language flexibility – Personalize designated areas within the document with built-in multilanguage compatibility and output, including PDF, Microsoft Word, and rich-text formats.
  • Electronic signatures – Full integration with market-leading e-signature
    End-to-end integration – Use Oracle Configure, Price, Quote to bridge the gap between your CRM and ERP systems.
  • CRM—Customer relationship management – Embed CPQ functionality natively within your CRM solution so your sales team.
  • Digital commerce/ecommerce – Expand self-service capabilities by supporting even the most complex B2B configuration, bundling subscription pricing and asset-based ordering online.
  • ERP—Enterprise resource planning – With integration into your existing ERP system, sellers can be confident about the quote accuracy, converting them to orders.
  • Web services – Flexibly connect to a wide variety of web service applications.
  • Master your revenue data – Take advantage of the only CPQ solution available today that’s designed to connect financial and billing data with customer and sales data.


Crush complexity. Deliver certainty. Conga drives predictable revenue by aligning processes, teams, and technology under a unified data model throughout the revenue management lifecycle.

  • Preparing proposals and quotes for prospects, negotiating, and executing a wide variety of contracts to close a deal, managing billing, invoicing, and fulfilling obligations, or renewing and expanding accounts.
  • Propose & Quote – Companies that used Conga’s solutions to standardize the revenue lifecycle.
  • Manage & Fulfill – Companies that switched to the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Solution.
  • Renew & Expand – Revenue Lifecycle Solution users experienced increased renewal rates overall


SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, and Quote. Deliver the perfect solution for your customers with fast and accurate quotes. Deliver results with an intuitive configuration process across every sales channel.

  • Accelerate sales by connecting SAP CPQ to your CRM, e-commerce, or ERP platform.
  • Cloud deployment
  • Performance to configure complex quotes instantly
  • Connectivity to sell through any channel on any platform
  • Automated and accelerated quoting with embedded AI

Increase sales effectiveness – Help sales reps sell through more channels faster.

Enhance operational efficiency – Establish intelligent, integrated sales processes to generate quotes faster.

Work smarter – Improve business insights to maximize sales opportunities, increase cross- and up-selling.

Configuration optimization – Empower sales reps to quickly create branded quotes.

Margin protection and expansion – Protect the margin of every opportunity with product, customer, and channel price controls.

Seamless connectivity – Increase operational efficiency at a lower cost with connected quote-to-fulfillment processes.

ConnectWise Sell

Automated Quote & Proposal Software. Business Management software.

Quote & proposals – Keep your sales team focused on mining opportunities and closing business while improving your bottom line.

Sales notifications – Knowledge is power. Real-time intelligent quote tracking triggers sales notifications.

Procurement automation – When you combine the power.

Renewal reminders – Never miss an opportunity to renew an agreement, extend an expired warranty.

CRM updates – Use automation to your advantage to make updates to your CRM.

Pricing rules – Much like placing limit orders when buying stocks.

Conga CPQ

Conga CPQ drives more profitable sales through accurate and efficient quoting and pricing, no matter the complexity. Confidently configure, price, and quote. Conga CPQ is a critical component of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, a set of unified products built on Conga Platform that enable you to crush your unique revenue lifecycle complexities and increase revenue certainty. Conga’s open, flexible, and high-performance solution unifies, automates, and standardizes revenue processes across all teams to maximize customer lifetime value.

Experlogix CPQ

Leading CPQ software for leading companies. Experlogix CPQ lets you handle the most complex configuration, pricing and quoting requirements with ease – without programming – to simplify and accelerate quote processes, improve quality and accuracy, and increase customer satisfaction. Integrations to industry-leading CRM and ERP platforms – Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and NetSuite.

  • Fast quoting – Empower your sales representatives with robust, comprehensive configuration capabilities.
  • Reduced errors – Create accurate quotes and orders every time, with business rules.
  • Intuitive, visual experience – Visualize products with rich descriptions and realistic images as options.
  • Instant production orders – Generate on-demand BOM, routing and other documentation based on customer-specific.
  • e-Commerce integrations – Connect our CPQ software to leading e-commerce platforms to power up order processing, production and fulfillment.

CPQ System

The quality of the cpq software must be installed as according to the need of the company and it should also ensure that it includes the features for the basic activities that is a part of configuring price and floating life cycle and in configuration the configuration logic for the offing standards and deciding the custom pricing and quotes trekking provide the information which helps the salesperson to use quickly for creating the offer that is beneficial for both the customer and for the company the offers always follows the workflow from users to create a modified send centric totes document and different formats which allows the customers to relate with the company and finally customers buy the product from the company.

Configure —> Price—>Quote

Salesforce CPQ Competitors

We configure price and good software automate the clotting process by helping the self person and it also so help the vendor are sales person for sending the personalized customised offering according to the customer and age according to the need and specification required for the customer software facilitates many pricing options including the special pricing bundle pricing or volume pricing and it also helps the the sales person for managing it and closing the sales in less time and certainly it gives the tracking of the current pricing discount rules and bundle pricing and in this way it helps in managing the pricing of all the users age according to their specific requirements and need.

  • Oracle BigMachines CPQ
  • Apttus
  • ConnectWise Sell
  • Conga CPQ
  • Experlogix CPQ

CPQ Tools

Businesses and users for analysing and reporting according to the time and entire coating process and providing data and suggestions for improving the process is very useful and it also gives the workflow management and contact a management automation which helps the satisfaction label for both the company and the customer and in this way a positive environment is created between the customer and the company or organisation which factors is very important and it is algorithm is very important to attribute the most likely for predicting user satisfaction with in that category and it also gives the good partner for doing businesses and it also helps in workflow management and it also help for contact management for better connection with the customer.

  • Accelerate productivity
  • Generate high quality proposal
  • Sales automation
  • Complex quotes
  • Complex pricing
  • Product configuration
  • Use organization