North American Countries Capitals and Currencies (Download PDF)

North American Countries Capitals and Currencies is one of the static awareness topic in general awareness section usually asked in banking, SSC and other competitive exams.

Below is the list of North American Countries Capitals and Currencies. Here the countries with the same currencies are placed in order. I request to all the readers to follow this order of countries so that it is easier to learn and revise.


Countries Capitals Currencies
United States of America Washington, D.C. United States dollar (USD)
Panama Panama City United States dollar (USD)
El Salvador San Salvador United States dollar (USD)
Puerto Rico (USA) San Juan United States dollar (USD)
Canada Ottawa Canadian dollar (CAD)
Barbados Bridgetown Barbadian dollar (BBD)
Bermuda (UK) Hamilton Bermudian dollar (BMD)
Belize Belmopan Belize dollar (BZD)
Bahamas Nassau Bahamian dollar (BSD)
Jamaica Kingston Jamaican dollar (JMD)
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD)
Dominica Roseau East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Antigua and Barbuda Saint John’s East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Saint Lucia Castries East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Grenada Saint George’s East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Mexico Mexico City Mexican peso (MXN)
Cuba Havana Cuban peso (CUP)
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Dominican peso (DOP)
Guatemala Guatemala City Guatemalan quetzal (GTQ)
Nicaragua Managua Nicaraguan cordoba (NIO)
Honduras Tegucigalpa Honduran lempira (HNL)
Haiti Port-au-Prince Haitian gourde (HTG)
Costa Rica San Jose Costa Rican colon (CRC)
Greenland (Denmark) Nuuk Danish krone (DKK)