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Complete Chanakya Niti Book PDF Free Download.Chankya Niti Book PDF Download In Hindi : Complete Chanakya Niti. Today we have brought you the PDF of Complete Chankya Niti Book, which you can download from the Download Button given below. Today's PDF is only 4 MB PDF, which has more than 350 pages. This PDF is of very clear quality.

Chankya Niti Book PDF: Money should be protected to avoid any trouble or objection. Women should be protected even by spending money, but even with women and money it is necessary that a man should protect himself. I bow my head to the almighty, omnipresent Supreme Lord Vishnu, the lord of the three worlds - earth, space and Hades. After bowing down to the Lord, I will describe the knowledge related to politics gathered from many scriptures.

It has been our tradition since ancient times that for the smooth completion of the book, the author definitely remembers his adoration. This is called "invocation". Acharya Chanakya has also composed this book by bowing down to the almighty Lord Vishnu. Be aware that Shri Vishnu is the maintainer and the purpose of "policy" is also to give order to the individual and the society. Chanakya has described this book as the best collection of knowledge related to politics. This collection was later named as "Chanakya Niti" by scholars and general public.

“Sattamah” means the best man, by studying this scripture methodically, it will be well known that what works have been described in the Vedas etc. What is virtue and what is sin and what is religion and adharma, it will also be known from this book.

Chankya Niti Book In Hindi

It is necessary for a man that before doing anything, he should know whether he is capable of doing the work or not, what will be the result? What are virtuous deeds and sinful deeds? Only the best human beings can get the knowledge of good and bad by reading the Vedas etc. It is also necessary to know here that what is dharma and adharma? In its judgment, according to the interpretation of religion in the first place – taking one's life is an offense and also unrighteousness, but according to ethos and ethics, doing so in special circumstances is not considered against religion, killing the sinner and punishing the criminal. fall in this category. Shri Krishna inspired Arjuna to fight, which is called Dharma in this particular context.

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By dealing with unhappy people, Chanakya means that the person who is suffering from many diseases and whose wealth has been destroyed, having any kind of relationship with such persons can be harmful for a wise man. Many diseases refer to infectious diseases. Many people suffer from infectious diseases, their association with them makes it possible to become sick themselves. People who have lost their money, that is, those who have gone bankrupt, find it difficult to trust them suddenly. Sad also means a person with nostalgia. It becomes very difficult for such people to get over the misery and often the failure is at hand. The one who is really sad and wants to overcome it, he should cooperate. Because only the sad one survives.

A wicked wife is a cheater a friend is a servant and a giver of food

Living in a house with a snake is undoubtedly death

One who has an evil disposition, speaks harsh words, a mischievous woman and a cunning, a friend with an evil disposition, a blunt servant who speaks in front, and living in a house where there is a possibility of snakes, all these things are like death.

In a house where there are evil women, the position of the householder is similar to that of a deceased, because he has no control and keeps on moving towards death, grumbling within. Similarly, a friend with a bad nature is also not worthy of trust, not knowing when to deceive. The servant or the employee working under you, who responds in front of you on the contrary, can at any time cause you unbearable harm, living with such a servant is like taking a sip of disbelief. Similarly, it is dangerous to live where snakes live. Don't know when to become a victim of snakebite.

He should protect his wife with wealth for the sake of disaster.

He should always protect himself with his wife and wealth

Chanakya says that man should collect money for the time of crisis. But rich people believe that objections are of no importance to them, because they can avoid all objections with their wealth, but they do not know that Lakshmi is also fickle. At any time she can leave the person, in which case this accumulated wealth can also be destroyed at any time.

In a country where there is no respect no livelihood no relatives

Nor should anyone who has attained knowledge55avoid that place.

A country where there is no respect and no means of livelihood, where there are no brothers and sisters, even relatives and there is no possibility of attaining any kind of education and qualities, such a country must be left. It is not proper to live in such a place. .8॥॥ One of the purposes of going to another country or any other place is to avoid the possibility of anything, one should leave such country or place immediately.

A listener is a rich king a river is a physician and a padcham

Where there are no pajchas one should not live there for a day

Where there are no srotriyas i.e. Brahmins who know the Vedas, wealthy, kings, rivers and Vaidyas, these five things should not be there for a person.

Business grows with rich people. Brahmins who know the Vedas protect Dharma. The king keeps the justice and governance system stable. A river is necessary for water and irrigation, whereas a doctor is needed to get rid of diseases. Chanakya says that it is better to leave the place where these five things are not there.

Chanakya says that when a sevak (servant) is appointed for some work, only then will he know how capable he is. Similarly, when a person gets stuck in some trouble, then at that time brothers and relatives and relatives are tested. The recognition of a friend is also done in the time of adversity. Similarly, when the wife is moneyless, the reality of the wife is known whether her love was due to money or real.

In distress, in adversity, in famine, in danger of the enemy.

He who remains at the king's gate and in the graveyard is a relative

When suffering from any disease, when there is suffering, when there is a famine, when there is a crisis from the side, in the Raj Sabha, at the crematorium or at the time of death of someone, the one who does not leave with him is actually considered a true brother. .2.. In the event of a famine and any kind of crisis caused by the enemy, the person who accompanies him till the cremation ground when he gets stuck in some etc. . It is often seen that the one who helps someone, he gets help. Who will support someone who doesn't work on time?

He who abandons the poles and serves the impermanent.

His poles are destroyed and now he is destroyed.

The man who leaves the definite and follows the uncertain, his work or substance perishes.


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