Gir Cow Milk Production Per day : Practical Guide

Normally, the Gir cow milk per day production is average 10 liters milk per day it can be more if Provide quality feed too with enough dry matter intake in it.

The Gir cow milk per day Production is at peak level after giving birth to the calve after that it slightly drop every week. The average milk of Gir cow is 10 liters per day after giving birth. In this article, we will give the description of Gir cow milk production and we will also cover how to increase milk production.

The Gir cow milk has huge demand in all over India.  it is one of the best cows of India in milk production. Which has considered the Holy cow and its milk is accepted as Amrit.  The Gir cow milk is used to Stay Healthy and Treat Lot of Disease. This milk best for the children’s Brain Growth.

This cow is Best Cow for Commercial Dairy farming. This cow can Give Good Profit to the Dairy farmer which other cow or buffalo can not Give. The Price of Gir cow milk is more than any other Popular Brand of Milk.

The Gir cow milk Per day basis also depends on the How much dry matter present in feed of Gir cows. The Dry matter in enough quantity according to the weight of cow will increase the milk Production of Gir cows.

Average milk production of Gir Cow Per dayHow much you can earn from milk?

The Gir Cow Milk production per day after giving birth to the calve maybe around 10 to 15 liter, on feeding good feed at the time pregnancy. The Gir cow milk production per day may also be more dependent on their Parenting.

In the first 70 days after giving birth,  the milk production is at peak level after that it Little little drops every week. The milk lactation cycle of gir cow is 300 days. Or in other words, It Produces milk up to 300 days. And Dry period of Gir cow is of 2 months. This Yearly cycle continues Up to 9 to 10 times in their life.

The Gir cow milk starts giving milk after giving birth to first calving. The age of first calving is 3 years means that one cow is ready to produce milk in the age of 3 years.

How to increase Gir Cow Milk Production?

For increasing the milk production of Gir cow, Provide them Good quality concentrate feed or Dry forage at the time of Pregnancy or Lactation. If the  Dry matter intake in the diet will low than milk production will always low.

Most of the people Provide Less concentrate or Dry forage and accept High Production of Milk. The cows Require energy to Produce Milk and this energy they get from the Feed. If you do not Provide the Enough Dry Matter in Feed where they can get energy to Produce milk.

Generally, the cow required to Green and Dry Forage or concentrate feed in their whole day diet.

Cow Age Green Fodder Dry Fodder Concentrate Fodder
Calves (3-6 months) 3-5 Kg 1 Kg 0.5-1 Kg
Young calves (6-12 months) 10 Kg 2 Kg 1-1.5 Kg
Young Heifers 15-20 Kg 2-3 Kg 2-3 Kg
Milch Cows 20-30 Kg 4 Kg 3-4 Kg
Pregnant cows 20-30 Kg 4-5 Kg 2-3 Kg
Breeding Bull 30-40 Kg 4-5 kg 4-5 Kg

Gir Cow Feeding cost Per day

If you feed quality feed to your Cow like Concentrate, green and dry fodder than maximum cost of Gir cow feed will Not be more than 70 to 80 Rupees per day. For the higher milk production fro any cow you have to feed them high quality feed.

Without quality feed you can’t expect high milk production from the long time. higher the dry matter in the feed then Gir cow milk production will be high.

You can make a Good money with Gir cow because their is huge demand of desi cow A2 milk in india becuse it has medicinal content in it.

Gir cow Milk Price Per liter

The Price of A2 milk of gir cow is 70 to 80 Rs per liter in 3 tier or 2 tier cities of India and in metros city, the Gir Cow milk price is 100 to 120 Rs per liter and the demand for Gir cow milk per day is more than supply.

A lot of entrepreneurs entering this Gir cow milk Business and generating good revenue. This Type of Milk reaches the Dairy farming business to the next level.

The Normal Branded milk are selling in 55 Rs per liter while the Gir cow milk is selling in more than 70 Rs per liter on the same place. This shows the power of Gir cow milk.

Gir Cow milk Price in Delhi

The Gir cow milk price in Delhi is 120 to 140 Rs. some organic farms are also selling in 150 Rs per liter.

the Gir cow milk demand is more in Delhi because the milk is come from outside like Gurgaon area.

The Gir cow milk is tastier then other exotic cow breeds because the color of Gir cow milk is a little yellowish while the other exotic breed like HF and Jersey and cross breed produce white color milk.

Why Gir cow Milk is used for?

Gir cow milk has a lot of Health Benefits. Gir cow milk is pure A2 milk and it is used to treat various diseases like type One Diabetes, coronary heart disease, Schizophrenia, Autism in children’s or various other diseases. The thinking ability increase after having this milk, this milk easily digestible preferable for those who are lactose intolerant.

Where to buy Pure Breed Gir cow?

The Junagarh and Jamnagar district of Gujarat is the best to buy pure breed Gir cow, you can get the cow at a very low price.

you can also buy from any organized farm that maintains the daily records, so you can know very well how much milk are they producing each day.

i will prefer to buy gir cow from Junagarh Gujarat, The buying price is low.

Frequently asked questions about Gir cow milk

Q.1) How much milk does a Gir cow give in a day?

Well, it totally depends on the feeding your cow, if you fulfill their feeding requirement then the cow will fulfill the milk requirement. the average milk production of Gir cow on proper feeding is 10 liters a day. some cows can produce more.

Q.2) Why Gir cow milk is costly?

The Gir cow milk has some medicinal properties in it and this milk is quite beneficial for humans for any type of age because this milk is the A2 milk.

Q.3) where can i get Gir cow milk?

well, in India there is no brand working on pure A2 milk. to get the Gir cow milk you have to search Dairy in rural areas that are giving pure Gir cow milk.


here we discussed the milk production, generally, Gir milk per day production also depends upon which type of feed are you providing to the cow. The better the feed you give more the milk Production will be.

Having the Gir milk has a lot of benefits but selling the Gir cow milk requires some skills, you have proper knowledge about A2 milk, its benefits for better growth of children.

The gir cow milk is mainly used for the prevention of disease.

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