Osmanabadi Goat Breed Complete Information

Most of the goat farm in Maharashtra raised Osmanabadi Goat breed because it is most productive goat breed of India which produces twins triplets & quadruplets.

The osmanabadi Goat is originated in Osmanabad & Ahmed Nagar district of Maharashtra India.  The breed is named on osmanabad district. It is one of the popular goat breed of Maharashtra. it is the dual-purpose goat breed which produce both Milk and meat in good quantity. It is the large size goat breed mainly known for the multiple births of kids.

this goat breed is fit for stall feeding and commercial goat farming. but in Maharashtra, it is mainly used in semi-intensive goat farming by small farmers. Osmanabadi goat is one of the recognized breed of India. This goat breed plays a major in the meat production of Maharashtra. Not in Maharashtra this goat breed is also popular in Tamilnadu.

This goat is primarily used for the Meat Purpose. this goat breed can also be seen in the near states of Maharashtra like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The sexual maturity of this goat breed is Early compared to other Goat Breeds and it is the most fertile goat breed of India. Most of the Large size goat breed always gives single birth to the kid but The percentage of giving multiple births of kids is the specialty of this goat breed.

It is one of the most Profitable Breed of Maharashtra and plays a major role in the livestock Economy of Maharashtra.

Breed Profile

Breed Name Osmanabadi
Origin Maharashtra
Normal Height 35 inches
Udder Size of Adult Doe Medium
Coat Color Black
Purpose Of Breed Dual Purpose
Size Category Large Size Breed
Weight of Mature Male (2 years) 55 to 65 kg
Weight Of Mature Female (2 years) 45 to 55 kg
Age At First Kid 16 Months
Average Birth Weight of kid 2.5 – 3 kg (depends on No. of Kid)
Kidding Interval 7 months
Number of Kid Crops in 2 Year  3 (Three)
Gestation Length 148-150 days
Repeating Heat Cycle  18 – 21 days
Single Birth Percentage 30%
Twins Percentage 50%
Triplets Percentage 15
Quadruplets 5
Average Milk Capacity 1  liter Per day
Life span 12 years

Osmanabadi goat supplier in Maharashtra

there are lot of goat farms in Maharashtra who rear Osmanabdi goat, so finding this goat breed in Maharashtra is not a big deal. you can visit near your farm and can find this goat breed or you can also find it in villages. a little bit research can find pure quality osmanabadi breed

list of goat farm who rear osmanabadi goat in maharashtra

  • Nashik Goat farm
  • Mashkar goat farm Kolhapur
  • Deepraj Osmanabadi goat farm
  • Mahakali goat farm latur
  • lucky goat farm Murbad


First of all the main characteristics is that it is the most profitable goat breed which gives maximum returns to farmers. The farmer who raised 20 females and 1 male can make good Profit with the semi intensive goat farming system.

The osmanabadi breed gives quality milk which has 4% fat. The farmer can earn extra money from milk and manure.

Osamanabadi goat has the capability to survive in any type of Environment in India. the six months age goat can easily produce 15 kg consumable meat.

This is the most fertile goat which has the capability to produce multiple kids in each gestation. The twins and triplets are normal while quadruplets are rare.

Appearance of Osamanabadi goat

This is the large size goat breed, the coat color is mainly Black. The black color shines and gives a perfect look to the goats.

The Horn is medium in size or curvey in an upward direction. The eyes are oval in shape or brown in color. Ears are 25 cm long pendulous in shape the ears are also black in color.

The Height of this goat breed is 35 inches is noted and the length of body size is 38 to 40 cm is noted.

The tail is black with fluffy hair always remain upward. Some goat also has wattles on the neck.

They have medium size udder and it is black in color.

osmanabadi Goat Growth rate

This goat is mainly used for the meat Production. The osmanabadi breed is the fast-growing goat breed in the beginning 0 to 3 months the weight gain of this goat is 100 to 110 gm per day or in 3 to months the weight gain is 130 to 140 gm per day. this weight gain is noted on semi-intensive farming system. The weight gain can be more in stall feeding goat farming system.

The weight gain can be more on quality feeding to the goats.

Normally, the six to seven month goat gives 15 kg of pure quality meat. it can produce more meat if the goat is castrated in the age of 2 months. The Meat quality is quite fine and tastier compared to other goat breeds.

How much Milk they produce

After giving the birth to the kid the production of milk as at peak level in the starting first to six week the milk production is 1.25 liter per day. after that the production of milk down slowly week to week.

The fat in milk of osmanabadi goat is 3.5% and 2% protein present in it. the milk is good for those who are lactose intolerant.

The goat milk has a high demand in metros cities. Goat milk is preferred for babies. The farmer can make money through selling the goat milk. The goat milk has accepted the by-product in Commercial goat farming.

What should be Qualities in the Breeder of osmanabadi breed

The Breeder is the diamond of the flock. All the upcoming production depends on the breeder quality. One breeder is sufficient for the 25 goats. One breeder should not be the relative of goats.dor example it should not be brother or kid of the same flock. Stay away from them in breeding. All the qualities below should be present in the breeder for Profitable Goat Farming.

  • The skin or hair of the breeder should be shine.
  • the breeder should free from disease.
  • The breeder should be strengthened, tight, and aggressive.
  • The Feed conversion rate of the Breeder should be Good.
  • The age of breeder should be more than 18 months for the upcoming good production.
  • Select the breeder who always produces multiple kids.
  • The breeder should be dewormed or vaccinated.

Care & management of the upcoming kids

  • After the birth of kid cut the navel  6 inch away from the end apply Tincture iodine on it.
  • Feed the colostrums milk in half an hour after the birth of the kid for better immunity. If there is no colostrum than go for Artificial colostrum. Colostrums is one of the most important for a kid.
  • Vaccinate the kids at the age of 3 months.
  • If you are doing goat farming for the meat purpose than 2 month is the correct age of castration.
  • Feed the milk up to 3 months of age to goat kid. after 20 days you can start the little green fodder.
  • If by chance the mother of the goat is no more than go for the milk powder like nestogen or lactogen.

Better housing for the good Health of the Goats

Housing plays a major in the health of goat the goats need fresh air all the time for better health. They require good feeding system. There should be an arrangement of plastic at the time of cold to cover the ventilation.

Important points for the goat housing

  • House should be well ventilated for upcoming and outgoing of fresh air on the farm.
  • House should be clean dry and hygiene for better production and reproduction.
  • Limestone powder should be spread in every two weeks to kill the bacteria.
  • Stay away from overcrowding on the farm.
  • There should be separate housing of Kid, Male goat, Female Goat.

Goat feed for the Better Production and Reproduction

  • The goat should be feed according to the weight of the goat. The feed should be given according to 10% of the bodyweight of the goat.
  • The goat should be fed 3 times a day & Green forage, Dry forage and Concentrate feed should be present in the goat feed.
  • The Goat feed should full Of Nutrients like Protein, carbohydrates and Vitamins and Minerals. The quality feed will always give quality results.
  • The extra 100 gm concentrate feed should be given to the pregnant goats and lactating goats.

Vaccination schedule is to stay away from major viral and bacterial disease.

Osmanabadi breed are susceptible to various viral and bacterial disease. the vaccination plays a major role in the success of commercial goat farming. the 10 rupees spent on vaccination can save your expensive goat. Vaccination is for the safety of incoming disease. Some disease of goats has the only solution that is a vaccine.

  Disease First vaccination at age of     Booster    Dose Repeat   vaccination  
      PPR    3 months   Not required   3 years
   Goat Pox  3 to 5 months 1month after
first vaccination
  1 year
Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) 3 months 3- 4 weeks Post
first vaccination
6 months or
Enterotoxaemia     (ET)   3 months 3- 4 weeks Post
first vaccination
 6 months
Hemorrhagic septicaemia  3 months 3- 4 weeks Post
first vaccination
6 months or
1 Year

Note: Dose and Route may vary manufacturer to manufacturer

Osmanabadi Goat farming Project Report

osmanabadi goat is similar to Sirohi goat in both productivity and growth rate. both are the famous goat breed of India. therefore osmanabadi goat farming project report is similar to sirohi goat farming project. here we are attaching the project report of 100+5 goat, in which you can clear all your doubts, how you can start and how much you can earn in a year through osmanabadi breed

Is Osmanabadi Goat Farming Profitable In Maharashtra

of course, osmanabadi goat farming is profitable because this is the highly productive breed and quality of its meat is better compared to other breeds of Maharashtra.

you can earn a god revenue with 100 female osmanabadi in Maharashtra. there is no need for high class marketing in the selling this goat breed. because in Maharashtra consumption of goat meat is more than production.

the 60% goat comes from Rajasthan for goat meat. it is better to improve goat population in Maharashtra.

the main part of this business is there is downfall in the rate of goat meat. its always increasing and in future the rate will increase more.

osmanabadi breed goat always preferable by locals of Maharashtra.


Osmanabadi breed is well productive breed which can give maximum profit the owner. this is the best goat breed for the meat purpose currently the price of goat meat is growing in every 3 months and there is no fluctuation in it. So this meat goat breed can generate good Profit for the flock owner. if someone starts goat farming with Osmanabadi goat than our good wishes for them. Thankyou!

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