Sahil Khan Wiki Biography: Height, Age, Net Worth, Family, Married, Wife, Father, Movie and News

Sahil Khan Wiki Biography: Height, Age, Net Worth, Family, Married, Wife, Father, Movie and News

Sahil Khan is an Indian film actor, bodybuilder, businessman and YouTuber. There is hardly any person who does not know Sahil Khan. Most of the people of Sahil’s body are big fans.

Sahil, who earned a name from his first film, failed in his Bollywood career, after opening his own gym, he could hardly get the amount of money he earned from his business by filming.

Sahil also runs his own YouTube channel named “Sahil Khan”. With the help of this YouTube channel, they keep telling about their daily activities.

Today we will read about the biography of Sahil Khan, who turned from unsuccessful actor to successful businessman, who may have read elsewhere. I have tried from my side to give as much information as possible about his life, which may be of some use to you.

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Sahil Khan

biography of sahil khan

Name ( Name ) Sahil Khan
Nick Name ( Nick Name ) Sahil Style Khan, Style Boy and Indian Rambo
Birthday ( Birthday ) 5 November 1976
Age 45 years (in the year 2021)
Place of birth ( Birth Place ) Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Amount  (Zodiac) Scorpio
Citizenship  (Citizenship) Indian
Hometown  (Hometown) Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Dharma ( Religion ) Islam
Physical Measurements  ( Body Measurements  ) Chest : 47 Inches
Waist : 32 Inches
Biceps : 19 Inches
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 90 kg
Eye Color almond color
Hair Color Black
Occupation  (Occupation) Actor, bodybuilder and businessman
Debut film Bollywood Movie : Style (2001)
Music Video  : Nachange Saari Raat
Girlfriend Negar Khan (Actress)
Marital Status Marital Status divorced
Wedding Date  (Marriage Date)  21 September 2004
Divorce Date year 2005

Born & Early Life of Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan was born on 5 November 1976 in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal. Sahil was born to a Chinese mother and a Muslim father. He also has two sisters in Sahil’s family – Shahista and Maryam.

In his early days, he used to be the thinnest and weakest person in his family and group of friends. Sahil got his bodybuilding inspiration after watching Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky IV. The living proof is his excellent fitness.

He started doing gym at a young age and after making his best body, he moved to Mumbai to make his career where he initially gave his presence in some songs, seeing his excellent body, he soon got into films. Got the job.

Sahil Khan Marriage, Divorce and Wife (Sahil Khan Marriage, Divorce & Wife)

sahil khan 16
Sahil Khan and Negar Khan wedding

Sahil Khan and Negar Khan were married on 21 September 2004. Negar Khan is an Iranian actress. She is known for her Bollywood item songs and film work. But their marriage fell apart when they got divorced in July 2005.

According to the Starsunfolded website, Sahil Khan was accused of being homosexual by his wife Negar Khan.

In 2009, according to Wikipedia, Negar alleged that Sahil Khan was having a new affair with someone from his country India.

Career of Sahil Khan

Bollywood career start

He started his career with the music video of Nachange Saari Raat. Sahil later also acted in the music video Oh Laila where he came under the attention of director N Chandra.

However, a surprising turn came in his life when N. Chandra, the director of a highly regarded Bollywood film “Tezaab”, signed her to play the lead role in his film “Style”.

Sahil Khan First Movie

In the year 2001, for the role of Chantu in his first film “Style”, he had to beat hundreds of people due to his excellent look and strong body, then Sahil got the first film of his Bollywood career. Sharman Joshi, Riya Sen and Shilpi Mudgal also acted with her in this film.

1629121618 74 flops in Bollywood but today Sahil Khan has become
Sahil Khan’s first film “Style”

The film achieved tremendous success at the box office. Two years after Sahil’s first film, his second Bollywood film and the sequel “Excuse Me” of the first film “Style”, which came in the year 2003, also gained a lot of fame and Sahil was recognized among the people.

maxresdefault 2
Sahil Khan’s second film “Excuse Me”

Finally the film Travel Sahil Khan –

After the success of his first two films, he started getting film offers. After which in the year 2005, Sahil got a chance to work in the film “Yeh Hai Zindagi” directed by National Award winner Ajay Phansekar. In the year 2005, he  acted in another Indian drama film “Double Cross” with his actress Negar Khan.

After getting fame from his first two films, Sahil’s Bollywood career suffered a major setback after two successive failures in the same year as new film directors withdrew from casting him in their films.

After four years away from Bollywood films, in the year 2009, he received the  action film Aladdin directed by Sujoy Ghosh. Actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt were also involved in this film, apart from this, actor Riteish Deshmukh and actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who was doing her first film in this film, were also involved.

sahil in aladdin movie

Due to poor direction and story, the film failed miserably at the box office, even the veteran actors involved in the film could not do anything.

Sahil Khan Last Film

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sahil khan last movie

In the year 2010, Sahil was last seen working in the film “Rama the Savior”. The film was full of action-adventure scenes and this time along with WWE wrestler The Great Khali and actress Tanushree Dutta were cast as actresses. But this film was not liked much by the audience and proved to be unsuccessful.

 Likes and Dislikes of Sahil Khan

Favorite Actor Sylvester Stallone and Amitabh Bachchan
Favorite Actress Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty
Favorite Food Chinese Cuisine, Pizza, Cupcakes & Cookies
Favorite Sport cricket and football
Favorite color black, blue and white
Favorite Travel Destination Maldives

Sahil Khan Controversy

  • In 2005, his wife also left him and divorced him. Sahil’s wife Negar Khan had seen him in an objectionable position with another man. His wife had broken the relationship with him forever, calling him gay in front of everyone.
  • In 2009, Sahil Khan and Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff’s mother Ayesha Shroff started a production company together. After a successful 5-year partnership of both, in the year 2014, a fight broke out between the two over the misappropriation of Rs 5 crore and Ayesha filed a legal case against Sahil. In which she accused Sahil of misappropriating money. . Ayesha called him homosexual in front of the media and said that she has an affair with many men.
  • In the year 2014, actress Sana Khan’s husband beat up Sahil Khan in his gym.

Sahil Khan Business,Product 

Today it is known to all that Sahil Khan, who once played the role of an actor in Bollywood, is living a luxurious life. Even after his career in films failed, what did he do so that today he is living a better life than any Bollywood actor. Let’s know.

Sahil Khan Gym

She is one of the best Indian fitness model and started her business in fitness. He founded a gym named “A Life Fitness Gym”, which is considered as the largest gym in India as compared to other gyms located in Mumbai.

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Sahil Khan at Open Air Gym

So far, Sahil Khan has opened about 11 gyms. Those who are quite expensive and give a luxury feel, due to which they get a hefty fee. The most popular of these is 2.

An open air gym was opened in Goa in Sahil. This is India’s first open air workout space. He also has another gym which is 20 thousand square feet in Ahmedabad. For fitness, he has many such machines which are not in any gym in India.

Let us tell you that Sahil Khan earns more than 1 crore rupees from his gym only, which is very big for any other gym owner.

Most Expensive Gym Coach

Bodybuilder Sahil Khan is a fitness freak and has spent a lot of time in the gym. He is a trainer and also provides online coaching through his YouTube channel and all this contributes to his net worth.

most expensive gym coach

You will be surprised to know that Sahil gives gym training to people through his YouTube channel and his gym training for 14 weeks is 1000 US dollars which is 76000 rupees in Indian rupees.

Apart from this, he also gives small gym training of 90 minutes, for which he charges around Rs 6600 as a fee. Sahil’s 90 minutes of gym training was given at his open air gym located in Goa. Is

Sahil’s Nutrition Brand – Divine Nutrition 

Very few people would know that Sahil Khan himself did not lay the foundation of Sahil Khan’s supplement Divine Nutrition. Just because of the strong reach of his name, fame and logo, he made a business deal with Vedanta Group of Industry, a small supplement company in Surat, to bring their product to the logo with the help of his name.

Due to which the name of the company was covered in the market. Before joining hands with Sahil Khan, hardly anyone knows that any supplement of Vedanta company is also present in the market.

divine nutrition sahil khan products
Sahil Khan Supplements Divine Nutrition

But by joining hands with Sahil Khan, the company got a huge reach to the people and the company’s earnings also increased manifold because the company now sells its product in the name of Sahil Khan. A major part of the earnings from the company’s products goes to Sahil Khan’s pocket.

Due to this, Sahil Khan neither had to buy any company nor did he have to bring equipment to make the product, nor did he have to invest any money from his pocket, just he used his mind and name and started earning a huge amount. This is called a real businessman.

Using this business mind, he did business deals with some other companies and put their products in the market in his name like

  • My Penute Butter
  • Real Mix Enrgy Drink
  • Hunk Water

Earning by being a guest in an event, function or party 

fan following of sahil khan

Apart from your two main business, you people must have seen him many times in any fitness function, events or promotion of any company. Charges Rs.

Sahil Khan Net Worth

If we talk about Sahil Khan’s wealth, it has increased by about 11% in the last few years, mainly because he sells his products by making new deals with companies regarding his bodybuilding, charging hefty fees from people as trainers and Apart from this, he has earnings from 11 gyms and also some of his resorts, from which he earns a lot. According to the year 2021, his total assets are more than $ 5 million i.e. more than 350 million.

Total Assets  (Net Worth 2021) $5 million
Total assets  in money  (Net Worth In Indian Rupees) more than Rs 350 crore
As Gym Trainer Fees 76000 rupees / 14 weeks training


What is Sahil Khan doing?

Sahil Khan is an Indian film actor, bodybuilder, businessman and YouTuber.

What is the net worth of Sahil Khan?

Sahil Khan’s net worth is more than 35 crores.

Who is Sahil Khan’s wife?

Sahil Khan’s wife’s name was Negar Khan, both were married in 2004 and got divorced in 2005.

How many children does Sahil Khan have?

Sahil Khan does not have any children, his marriage could hardly last for a year.

When was Sahil Khan born?

Sahil Khan was born on 5 November 1976 in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal.

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