Poultry Housing

Poultry housing is important part of Poultry business. comfortable housing is basic need of birds. My Poultry Shed layout, Brooding, grower, layer House. Poultry Housing – why it is required Like human poultry birds also required the house for the protection against inclement weather like the excessive summer, winter and rainy season. We are rearing … Read more

Phoenix Chicken Characteristics And Breed Information

Phoenix chicken known for their good look, soft feather and Long Tail. the breed originated in germany. there are three varieties recognized by APA. Phoenix chicken is popular for its long tail. This is the ornamental purpose breed. it is originated in  Germany. It is the cross result of Onagadori chicken and other unknown breeds. … Read more

Goat Feed Detail Information Guide

The weight of Goat is totaly depend on which type of feed are you giving to your goats. the Goat feed should be packed with All the nutrients like Protein, Quality goat feed is the key part of commercial goat farming. All the aspects of Meat production and milk production depend on the which type … Read more

Cochin Chicken Information And Breed Profile

Cochin chicken developed in china after that imported to America.it is ornamental purpose breed. the breed is heavy.the standard cock weigh is around 11 lbs. Cochin is the Asiatic class breed. Mainly kept for Ornamental purpose. Cochin chicken is the heavy breed but has a loose feather. It is mainly originated in China after that imported to … Read more

Sussex Chicken Complete Information And Facts

Sussex chicken originated in England. it is prolific egg layer as well as quite good in meat purpose. it lays 220 eggs peryear each egg weighs 60 g. Sussex chicken is the English class Dual purpose breed. The breed is originated in Sussex. Sussex is the historic county of southeast England. The breed is developed between … Read more

Goat Farming Complete Information Guide

Goat farming is one of the growing business all over the world because of the huge demand for its tasty meat. All the point cover here how 2 start goat farm. Goat farming is one of the growing businesses all over the world because of the huge demand for its tasty meat. Now goat farming doesn’t remain … Read more

Dairy Farm Project Report & Profit Guide – 421000 Rs Every Year

This Dairy farm Project Report and Profit Guide helps understand how much Money you can make in a year through 10 buffaloes with practical guide The Dairy farm project report is one of the precious Part at the beginning of Dairy farming. it helps to understand the potential of the Dairy farming business. This Project … Read more

Leghorn Chicken Characteristics And Information

Mediterranean class leghorn chicken developed in italy. mainly raised for egg purpose. Mostly used for layer farming laying egg capacity is 300.Mature early The breed leghorn chicken mainly originated in Italy. It comes in Mediterranean class. Leghorn is one of the best egg producing breeds. The breed exported from Italy to America in the mid … Read more

Goat Farming In Andhra Pradesh: How You Can Start In 2023?

Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh has a very bright future because the demand for goat meat and their products are very high in this state compare to other states. If you are looking to start goat farming in Andhra Pradesh then your decision is right because there are 98 percent of meat-eaters in this state. … Read more

Goat Farming In Gujarat: How You Can Start?

The boom of goat farming in Gujarat is increasing continuously, many young entrepreneurs entering into this business, the success rate of this business is very high. If you are from Gujarat and looking for an opportunity in goat farming in Gujarat then you are thinking right. The environment of Gujarat is beneficial for goats and … Read more

Goat Breeds List Full Information

There are number of Goat breeds available but a breed should be selected according to its purpose, or the environmental conditions, and adaptability. There are number of Goat breeds available but a breed should be selected according to its purpose or use, on the environmental conditions, and adaptability of the breed. There is no single … Read more

Goat Farming In Delhi NCR Complete Guide 2023

This is the complete guide of goat farming in Delhi. Here you will learn how to start goat farming in Delhi and where you get the proper training to start business. Hey if you are looking to start or get knowledge about goat farming in Delhi then these post would be quite beneficial for you. Goat farming … Read more

Goat Farming In Nepal Complete Information For Beginners

Goat farming in Nepal has a huge opportunity because it is a developing country and the number of goat farm here is very less compare to other countries. If you are looking for Goat farming in Nepal then you’re at the right place. Goat farming is the best suitable business for this country because Nepal is known … Read more