Cataracts – Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

Cataract (motiyabind in english) – This is one of the most frequent diseases of the eye. This disease happens to humans of almost all ages, whether it is a child, young or old, it happens. Eyes are a unique gift given by God that makes life happy. Through the eye man sees, understands, and reads all the things of the world, and not only this, he receives all the pleasures that come from him. If the eye becomes defective due to any reason, that is, it is not visible with the eye, then in that condition, those human beings have to face all the miseries.

What happens in Cataracts disease?

The same happens in cataract disease. First gradually the eyesight decreases, then the man starts seeing with the help of glasses, and there comes a time when the glasses stop working. After this, the question comes before us that what to do now. Only one option appears in front of it. That is to have its surgery and to set lenses by operation.

In this way, people put on lenses and then do their work as before. But it has been seen that there are many such patients who do not see well after applying lenses and there are many such patients who are also able to see. Those who do not see, they continue to have the same problem as before and their life is filled with misery.

Cataract patients who do not see even after applying lenses need not despair because now it is a great pleasure to say to all of you that by the infinite grace of God, successful treatment of cataracts is possible through homoeopathy. has gone. After experimenting on hundreds of patients it has become clear that if cataract patients come to my clinic on time, then their cataract treatment will definitely be successful by homoeopathy medicine without operation in a very simple way.

Now the question arises that if all the patients can come to my clinic, then the answer is no, so online treatment has been arranged by the Motiyabind Cure Centre. Under the online system, patients have to fill the form, after filling the form, they have to send it to the email of the Motiyabind Cure Centre, after which the doctor sees that form and sets the time to talk to the patient. After this, the medicine is sent to the patient’s home through the post. Doctor’s fees, medical expenses, and postage expenses are disclosed after filling the form.

Let’s Know What is Cataract

The progressive and painless loss of vision of the eye due to a defect in the lens of the eye is called a cataract. Generally, that disease of the eye, in which there is a progressive and painless loss of vision of the eye. A cataract is an eye disease. This disease usually occurs in people of all ages, but it occurs in small amounts in children and in large amounts in people above 50 years of age. First of all, we want to tell what is cataract. Before knowing about this disease, know about the structure of the eye.

There are different parts of the eye which include the lens, cornea, retina, ciliary muscles, eyeball, optic nerve, etc. Now one of these parts is the lens. The lens is the part that is completely transparent. When a ray of light passes through this lens, it is visible. If this lens is clean then it will look good but if it gets dirty for some reason i.e. becomes opaque then it is not visible. This is called a cataract.

Now it is to know what is the reason for making the lens dirty (opaque). The reason why the lens becomes opaque is that the food you eat contains fat protein vitamins glucose water etc. If it is properly digested, it is fine, but if it is not digested properly, then the molecules of the same protein, fat, minerals start sticking to the lens of the eye. This adhesive work is gradual, in which the lens gradually becomes dirty and as these particles become more attached, the lens becomes opaque. By the way, it becomes less visible from the eye, in this way the cataract spreads.

When the cataract is complete, people undergo eye surgery to remove the natural lens and get an artificial lens. Which makes them look good again. But later on, it becomes less visible again and that problem comes to the fore again. That’s people should pay full attention to the reason why the lens is opaque and eat such food in which the lens is fine and drink more water, eat pure food, exercise a little.

Causes of Cataracts

There are usually some important reasons why it occurs. The following reasons are one of the main causes of it.

  • Cataracts can be caused by an injury to the eye.
  • Long-term use of corticosteroids can also cause cataracts.
  • Diabetes is also one of the major causes of cataracts.
  • Cataracts are also caused by poor nutrition.
  • It is also caused by smoking for a long time.
  • Poor digestion of galactose is also one of the reasons.
  • The stomach problem is also one of the causes of it.
  • It is also caused due to a lack of water in the body or drinking less water.

Dr. Burnett writes in his book ‘Curability of Cataract‘ that it is caused by a deterioration in a person’s physical health. It is not just a disease of the eye, it is the result of deterioration of general health. This should not happen if health is maintained. Among the many causes of cataracts, arthritis, gout, syphilis, etc. are some of the reasons which, if improved, also improve. Apart from this, in the opinion of Dr. Burnett, there are three main reasons for this. Those three reasons are as follows:-

  • Eating salt in huge amount
  • Eating sugar in huge amount
  • Drinking of Hard water

Cataracts from eating too much salt

Dr. Burnett cites Dr. Kunde’s tests, which proved that when frogs, cats, etc. were given salt injections, they developed cataracts immediately or within a few days. It is a matter of experience that the body becomes dry due to salt. Eating too much salt has the same effect on the lens of the eye – the lens becomes dry, becomes hard, due to this it becomes, the water of the lens goes away.

Cataracts from eating too much sugar

Dr. Burnett writes that patients with diabetes often get cataracts because the amount of sugar in their blood is high. In 1860, in the journal ‘American Journal of the Medical Sciences’, Dr. Richardson wrote his tests, which proved that the lens of the eyes of animals who were given more than the amount of sugar became opaque.

Cataracts from drinking hard water

Lime is mixed in hard-water, and it has often been seen that people who live in the mountains, drink the water mixed with lime of springs, they are more prone to cataract.

For the above reasons, to protect the eyes from it, salt and sugar should be eaten less and instead of drinking ‘hard-water’, ‘sweet-water’ should be drunk, where sweet-water is not available, juicy fruits should be used.

what are the symptoms of Cataracts

Let us know what are the symptoms of cataract.

  • Difficulty in seeing at night or at night.
  • Progressive and painless loss of vision in the eye.
  • In the early stages, the person gets myopia.
  • Light makes it difficult for cataracts patients to drive.
  • If cataracts are not treated at the right time, the patient can also become blind.
  • The eyesight gradually becomes weak and the number of glasses also gradually increases.
  • Eye vision usually becomes blurry or dim and is troubled by flashes of light or sunlight.
  • In bright light, the pupil constricts and narrows the way light enters the eye, and light cannot easily pass through one that is centrally located.

Prevention of Cataracts

Let us know what is its prevention.

  • don’t drink too much
  • It is not useful to smoke
  • try to reduce steroid use
  • People with diabetes should take control of their diabetes.
  • Consistent use of sunglasses with a coating to filter ultraviolet light protects the eyes from strong sunlight and may help prevent it.
  • A diet rich in vitamins A and C, substances are known as carotenoids, vegetables like spinach may protect against cataracts, carrots are good for the eyes and prevent it.

Homeopathic Treatment of Cataract (motiyabind in english)

Homeopathic treatment – Its treatment is correct and accurate in the homeopathic system of medicine. In the early stages of cataracts, there is an immediate benefit, but in old age, it takes a little longer. In homeopathy, the disease of any patient is treated according to the symptoms of that disease. Therefore, it is necessary to match the symptoms of any patient at the time of treatment. So we have prepared a list of possible symptoms in the form of a form that is available on this website.

How to treat Motiyabind Cure Centre

  • First of all, you fill the form and submit it.
  • The doctor will see that form, after that if needed, if needed, on your mobile number, then the medium will be video call.
  • Then after complete information, you were informed that how much was the cost of your medicine.
  • The cost of medicine, doctor’s fee, postal charges will have to be deposited which will be informed earlier.
  • The medicine will be sent to you through the post.

Features of our treatment

  • Cataract disease starts curing in fifteen days with our treatment.
  • There is no side effect of our medicine.
  • If you are taking any other medicine like allopathic medicine, you can take my medicine after two hours.
  • Apart from cataract, other diseases of the eye such as conjunctivitis, double vision, constriction or dilation of the pupil, etc., are also treated.

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